Your Eco-friendly Countertop Options

Your Eco-friendly Countertop Options
Phrases like greenhouse effect, global warming and sustainable management have been very common in present times. More and more people are appreciating the importance of using eco-friendly materials in their lives. A lot of people believe in the positive impact of the ‘Go Green’ principle. You cannot blame the companies solely for harming the environment. People are also equally responsible for how they are helping the environment through their daily activities like how they are driving to work, what kind of  product they use and so on.
So it is no wonder that eco-friendly home building materials have led to a booming industry. It is also pushing homeowners and vendors in trying to do things differently with interior decor. If you are an ardent follower of home décor websites, magazines or home design shows, you would realize that often the environment-friendly materials are used for renovation or construction of the kitchens.
Using eco-friendly materials in your home indicates your fondness towards going green and opens several possibilities of using unique materials for your countertop that look beautiful, last for a long time and help keep the planet safe.
Use of recycled paper
Among the popular materials used for designing countertops in your home is paper stone.  It is made of hundred percent recycled paper, pigment, and petroleum-free resin. It has a pleasing monolithic appearance and feels like a warm soft stone such as soapstone.
Recycled glass countertops
The material used in such countertops is colored recycled glass that is blended with concrete, cement or resin base. Countertops can be integrally stained or colored for greater color coordination with painted surfaces or cabinetry and variation. Used glass is taken from the waste stream for making such countertops. Cement is often mixed with fly wash, which is a waste product of coal-burning that is otherwise dumped into landfills.
Bamboo countertops
Bamboo is a good substitute for wood while making countertops as it grows fast and is a renewable resource. It is thus an excellent eco-friendly option for making your countertops.
The beauty of the eco-friendly materials that are used in the countertops is that not only they are aesthetically appealing, but are also reasonably priced. So you can be kind to your planet as well as save money by using of these environmental friendly materials for your kitchen countetops.

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