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Countertops are a component of your kitchen that will continue to shine long after your remodel or your move-in date. However, it’s essential to choose the right material for you so that you are still thrilled with your kitchen for years to come.
At Marble Unlimited, we offer multiple options for stone countertop materials that can complete your kitchen, help you use it practically in accordance with your lifestyle, and complement your design style. Here are some of the most popular stones to use for countertops and what you should know about each. Additionally, you can learn more about “Countertop Manufacturers“.


Granite has held up as one of the most popular stone materials for kitchen countertops, and for a good reason. Compared to other types of stone, granite is highly durable and offers low-maintenance upkeep.

As a nonporous material, you won’t have to worry about your granite countertops staining from spills or chipping or scratching. Not only is this material highly efficient for people who love spending time in the kitchen, but it’s also beautiful.

When it comes to granite, you have many options in finish, color, and pattern. Whether you want a shiny or matte finish, a bolder or more subtle design, or any range of naturally occurring colors, granite is a practical and stylish choice.

As a naturally occurring stone formed in the earth, once quarried, many slabs contain unique patterns and veining that you won’t see replicated in anyone else’s kitchen, making granite a highly personal and unique kitchen countertop option.

Limestone, Soapstone, Travertine, and Marble

Also, naturally occurring stones such as limestone, soapstone, travertine, and marble offer a luxurious, rich look that can elevate any style or design of a kitchen.

These stones are softer than granite and other types of manmade stones because of the natural process by which they are made. As such, they require different levels of upkeep and care but can still make great countertop choices for homeowners who don’t mind the maintenance.

Marble, in particular, is still a very popular choice that offers a wide range of neutral colors and elegant-looking veining. We offer several styles of marble suited to any taste. Carrara and Calacatta marble both offer an elegant look but vary on the sharpness and definition of the marble veining.


For customers who love the look of marble but aren’t ready to commit to a softer stone, quartzite is a beautiful, stylish, and durable alternative. It’s also a naturally occurring rock but is much older than marble and granite.

Because it’s formed under such high pressure within the earth, quartzite is one of the toughest and most durable stone countertop materials. It makes a highly practical choice for kitchens because it’s stain, scorch, and scratch resistant.

But its patterns and colors are often comparable to marble, making it the perfect intersection of style and function. Browse our gallery of offerings for quartzite to see what we mean: these gorgeous stone slabs would be a welcome addition to any carefully curated kitchen design.


For an even more durable option than quartzite, quartz combines the strength of natural quartz with the added stability of resin. During this process, natural rock is crushed and mixed with a stabilizing agent, like resin. At this point, pigments can also be added in for color.

Because of this capability in the manufacturing process, quartz is an excellent option for homeowners who want a more solid and consistent color controlled during the creation process.

This material is available from a wide range of manufacturers. At Marble Unlimited, you’ll find options from both well-known brands and generic alternatives to fit any budget range.


Once you’ve chosen your kitchen countertop stone material, it’s also essential to know which type of edging best fits your needs and lifestyle.

While square edges are the most popular, other decorative edging styles add a personalized, unique, eye-catching, and upgraded look to any kitchen space. Styles like full bullnose, half bullnose, beveled, and ogee edge countertops offer a range of curved edges, either complete or graded, that add character and make your kitchen even more unique to you.

While your choice of edging will depend on the chosen countertop material, our experienced experts can help you arrive at a perfect marriage of design and practicality for your kitchen countertops and edging.

Final Thoughts

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