Granite Durability, its Benefits, and Facts

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Granite is one of the most popular materials available on the market when it comes to kitchen and bathroom countertops. There are plenty of reasons why granite is a top choice—many of which we’ll get into in this article—but what draws people into it initially is the way that it looks. It’s a striking stone with sophisticated and bold looks, and it has a timeless quality to it that other types of materials just don’t have.
And it’s not just alluring on the surface either. Granite is also an extremely tough and durable material, meaning that it will last for years—even generations.
At Marble Unlimited, we’re excited by how many people we see who are interested in granite, and we want to share our expertise on the stone.
This article will share some basic facts, how robust this material is for installing the most durable countertops, a few benefits that it can bring to your home, and what you can expect from granite durability.

What Is Granite?

Granite, a type of igneous rock, is made up of feldspar, mica, and quartz. There’s not just one place where it’s found; it can be mined from a number of different places all over the world—places like India, China, Italy, and the US. It has a number of finishes to choose from, including polished, honed, brushed, or sandblasted. The type of finish depends on the preference of the customer and what type of countertop the slab of granite is going to be used for.

How durable is granite?

We could go on and on about granite’s benefits, but for the sake of time, here’s a list of just a few:

It’s environmentally friendly

Because granite countertops last for generations, the frequency at which they get thrown out is lower than many other types of countertops. But even if they do get disposed, they are 100 percent recyclable.

It’s heat resistant

Igneous rock is already used to extreme temperatures; this rock is formed deep within the earth. This makes granite a useful choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it can withstand the hot tools found there.

It’s scratch resistant

On the Mohs Scale of Hardness, granite scores a 7 out of 10—this makes it one of the hardest and most scratch-resistant materials you can find.

It’s chemical resistant

Granite’s resistance goes beyond heat and scratches; it’s resistant to chemicals too. As long as you avoid acidic cleaners, granite isn’t too picky about what you use to clean it.

Every slab is one of a kind

Since granite is a natural material, you never know what you might get. And there will be no other slab in the world that’s exactly like yours.

Myths Surrounding Granite

With popularity comes the price of rumors and myths that surround granite. This section is here to debunk some of the most popular myths related to this natural stone.

Myth 1: Granite is out; quartz is in

Quartz is a very popular choice, but that doesn’t mean they outshine granite. The two can exist alongside each other without competition because both have different advantages and will serve their own demographics in unique ways.

Myth 2: Granite is the same material as marble

It’s true that these are two natural stones, but granite and marble are definitely not the same material. Granite is known for its toughness and durability, while marble is seen as a more delicate vanity stone because it’s a softer stone than granite and less durable.

Myth 3: Prepping food is a bad idea on granite

As long as granite is sealed properly, it is resistant to all bacteria and germs, so doing food prep on granite is perfectly fine—in fact, we recommend it!

The Maintenance and Upkeep of Granite

When it comes right down to it, granite is a pretty low-maintenance natural stone. As long as it’s sealed correctly and you keep up a regular schedule of resealing, you can count on granite to maintain the beauty that it’s known for.

Are Granite Countertops Worth the Investment?

While granite is not a cheap stone, there are affordable options. And when you purchase granite, you’re making an investment for your home—as natural stone countertops like granite automatically increase the resale value of your residence.

Granite, Your Number One Choice

We’re huge fans of granite at Marble Unlimited, and we want to share that excitement with you. If you’re interested in making granite your choice, stop in to see us or give us a call at (919) 705-0888 for a consultation.


In the kitchen and bathroom, granite emerges as a stalwart choice that seamlessly fuses beauty, durability, and environmental consciousness.

Granite’s toughness, heat resistance, scratch resistance, and chemical resilience attest to its exceptional granite durability, making it a practical and aesthetic asset in any home. Beyond its utilitarian qualities, granite’s unique, one-of-a-kind nature ensures that each slab possesses an individual character, adding a touch of exclusivity to every living space it graces. Despite myths that circulate, and debunked within the text, granite remains unrivaled, standing alongside other materials without compromise.

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