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We are a family-run business and have small overhead compared to companies with managers on top of managers.

Personalize Your Home

Good countertops can elevate the look and feel of your home, which is why North Carolina trusts the experts at Marble Unlimited, with all of their countertop remodeling needs. Our experts have 50 years of experience and are ready to give you the white-glove customer service treatment. If you’re overdue for a spectacular countertop renovation, give us a call today. Our customer reviews speak to our commitment to excellence and customer service.
Ultimately, new countertops are the best way to personalize your home and add a fun and sophisticated touch of flair to your kitchen or bathroom. Countertops aren’t just background noise; they are something that gets used each and every time you go into the kitchen or bath. These areas are often high traffic as well. Most of your guests will make at least one visit to either your kitchen or bathroom over the course of their stay. Making these areas more attractive can give you increased confidence in your overall home.

Don't Live With Old, Warped, Cracked Countertops

Countertops made out of inexpensive material can often look warped, cracked, or dingy. People often make the mistake of buying cheaper countertops because they pay more in the short-term when material like granite or quartz might be more expensive but lasts for the long haul. If you see any of the following signs, it’s time to invest in new countertops.

  • Peeling on the edges
  • Buckling or cracking
  • Erosion or thinning of the corners
  • Stains

All of these things can make your countertops look unappealing.
Call our team, and you will be amazed by what fresh new countertops can do for you!

New Countertops Can Increase Your Home Resale Value

If you’re looking to sell your home, or interested in increasing its market value, you will want to invest in new countertops. Merely replacing the countertops is one of the best things that you can do to make your home retail for more because it looks more aesthetically put together.

This is especially true if your countertops are old, stained, or cracked. Potential buyers want to see a home that is well put together, clean looking, and ready to be moved into. As an added bonus, you will also have the chance to enjoy them yourself while you are waiting for any prospective buyers.

Contact us to beautify your countertops today!

Marble Unlimited is here to help you with any and all of your countertop needs. Our expert team employs the latest technology and cutting-edge products to transform your kitchen or bath into works of art. Don’t put off your home makeover any longer. Give us a call at (919) 596-2325 for a personalized quote and a no-pressure consultation to thoroughly review your options.

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184 reviews
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Tiffani Mcclellan
a year ago
Marble Unlimited did a amazing job on my granite. They were fast, courteous and got the job done with no issues. The crew they sent out was clean and professional. Good job guys!
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Anissa Hager
6 months ago
So thankful for Jennifer and Marble Unlimited. They quickly saved my project when i failed to secure granite for a project we had at our home. From the first interaction, Jennifer was top notch and completely helped me quickly get the granite i needed. They really did it in less than a week. That service time from contact, to selection, to install is unheard of in today's market...yet Marble Unlimited did just that in 7 days. So very thankful for them. Prices were great as well. THANK YOU!!!
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Karen Pagani
5 months ago
Everyone at Marble Unlimited exceeded my expectations and I am so very happy with how our new quartz countertops for our kitchen and laundry room came out. Everything from picking out the stone from all the many slabs they had to choose from, to receiving quotes, to the attention to detail in the measuring, and to the final installation(installers were awesome) was above and beyond. I highly recommend Marble Unlimited.
Posted on Google
4 months ago
I am reviewing Marble Unlimited, which is in Hillsborough, NC. I chose a beautiful quartzite material from their stock, for our kitchen countertops, and I am completely delighted with the results. Our kitchen looks very sophisticated, and we get complements all the time. Thank you, Marble Unlimited for a job well done.
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George Entenman
10 months ago
There's nothing like looking at huge slices of granite and marble in their stockyard behind the showroom. No samples will ever give you such a good idea of what you are buying. Daniel and the men working with the countertops seem to have some aesthetic feeling and love for the product. They were willing to work with us to give us this not quite finished countertop and mountain-themed backsplash.
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