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Stone is a choice that many people love for their kitchen and bathroom countertops—and there are plenty of reasons why. Stone countertops are known for their beauty and timelessness, but they also go easy on the environment. Going green has been the thing to do lately (we only get one planet, after all), and natural stone countertops are a great way to contribute to the eco-friendly mission.

It’s no surprise that natural stone is environmentally friendly—it comes from within the earth, after all. Its ingredients don’t include any metal or plastics, which is very favorable to the atmosphere and customers alike.

There are a lot of simple things that you can incorporate into your daily life that will help you be kinder to the environment—things like recycling, taking the bus, or using paper straws. Every little bit helps when it comes to going green—but using stone countertops is more than helping just a little bit. It’s helping a whole lot.

In this article, we’ve included a few of the most noteworthy reasons why people love using stone countertops for their kitchens and bathrooms—including some explanations surrounding its eco-friendly nature and sustainability.

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Stone Is an All-Natural Material

As you know, stone comes from the earth. It was one of the first building blocks that humans ever used, along with wood and clay, and it was used as a tool by many early civilizations. No other resources are needed to make stone what it is—it has everything that it needs, and there’s plenty of it available in quarries all over the world.

There are all sorts of stones with many looks, styles, and variations in these quarries. Every stone is unique, too, with their own veining and patterns, and because they’re all one-of-a-kind, they can be used for all sorts of different things—whether your project entails countertops, walls, flooring, or something in between.

It also doesn’t contain any chemicals that are harmful to the environment. It’s even better for the earth if you shop locally because then your stone will come from a quarry that doesn’t involve excessive travel—the less distance your stone must travel, the fewer greenhouse gases its transportation will produce.

Stone Is Durable

People love natural stone countertops because of their durability. In fact, this quality will automatically increase the resale value of your home. Because natural stone countertops are so tough, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to replace them, and they tend to get more beautiful as time goes on—they age naturally, and their beauty will show in different ways as they get older.

Because stone is so durable and rarely needs to be replaced, this makes for less waste, which is great for the earth.

Even in the busiest rooms, natural stone countertops don’t falter. They’re sure to last for generations, just as long as you take care of them the right way.

Stone Is Low Maintenance

As we said, stone can last for a long time if you maintain it properly—and luckily, it’s not very hard to maintain at all. There are plenty of finish options that you have during the fabrication process that will increase how durable your stone is and make it even tougher against everyday wear, chemicals, and slipping.

Natural stone is also very easy to clean. You don’t need any special cleaners or chemicals—all you need is trusty soap and water.

Stone Is Recyclable

Stone can fill many different roles throughout its long lifespan on the earth. If you want to go the fully sustainable route, there’s always the option of finding your own countertop through recycled slabs—even though it might not be new, it’s new to you and that’s what matters! There’s nothing wrong with these materials; they’re simply what other people don’t have the use for anymore. But if you have the use for them, here at Marble Unlimited we say that there’s nothing wrong with using them.

By using these recycled slabs, you cut down on water, energy, and other resources it would take to create a brand new countertop out of raw stone.

Stone Is Sustainably Quarried and Manufactured

As technology advances, the methods for quarrying, extracting, and fabricating stone continue to improve. And as this technology continues to advance, we might even see a price drop in natural stone before we know it.

People are drawn to natural stone now more than ever, and that makes it easier to come by. It’s very popular among our customers, and that’s what we love to see—because we love stone’s eco-friendly nature and sustainability.

Choosing Stone

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