The Rundown on Marble and Its Variations

If you’re looking for a countertop material that’s sure to spruce up your home and way of life, look no further than marble and its multitude of variations. This stone has the ability to bring a classy look anywhere it goes, and it automatically increases the resale value of your home when you install it. It’s the best of both worlds.

Though marble may not be known for its extreme durability in the way that other natural stones are, its delicacy only adds to how precious of a material it is. And while it may need to be handled more gently than granite or quartzite, it’s not easily breakable. If you maintain a regular sealing schedule with your marble countertop and clean it with the correct materials (avoiding acidic cleaners at all costs), it should last you for years—maybe even decades.

Marble comes in a variety of patterns, colors, and shades. Black and white are the most common, but it also comes in a variety of colors between those two opposite ends of the spectrum. Many of our clients aren’t aware of marble’s versatility, which is why they gravitate toward the neutral shades.

Here at Marble Unlimited, we consider ourselves experts on marble, and we want to share some of that knowledge with you in this article. Here we’ve compiled a list of our most popular styles of marble, along with a few details and facts on each. Keep reading to learn more.

Carrara Marble

The most common variant of marble is called Carrara, and coincidentally it’s also the most popular choice when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodels. Not just with countertops, though—many of our customers also love Carrara-style marble for their walls and flooring too.

Originally sourced from Italy in the regions of Carrara and Tuscany, this type of marble is typically white in color. Some gray and blue-gray options can also be found, and it’s known for its fine and feathery linear veining.

Statuary Marble

While it’s not quite as popular as Carrara marble, Statuary marble is known for how dramatic and stunning its designs are. It also originates from Carrara and has a reflective look that gives it a high shine and sets it apart from the more muted tones of Carrara. Statuary marble is nearly translucent at times, with fine gray veining, making it a popular choice for elegant kitchens and bathrooms.

Calacatta Marble

This type of marble is often mistaken for Carrara because of its white shade, but the two are not the same. Although both are very popular choices, Calacatta is actually much rarer than Carrara and more expensive to boot. It originates from the Apuan Mountains in the Carrara regions of Italy—which may explain the high price.

The difference between Calacatta marble and Carrara is most obvious when looking at the two stones side by side. Calacatta is pure white with thick and dark gray veining, and Carrara is more delicate with fine gray veining.

Calacatta has a very rich look and can be styled to look both warm and cool.

Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil is another neutral shade of marble, but unlike the previous options, it’s not white. Instead, it comes in an array of colors ranging from beige to yellow with irregular veining scattered throughout. This type of marble looks best in warm-themed rooms because it has a calming quality that can tie everything together.

Originating from Spain, Crema Marfil marble is not rare. It’s affordable and is commonly used for countertops, fireplaces, walls, and flooring.

Nero Marquina Marble

Originating from the Marquina region in Basque Country, Spain, this type of marble is true black with a fine grain. It has a pure white veining that can sometimes be more prevalent than the black base—but that just depends on the slab that you choose because every one of them is different. Depending on the style of the room that you’re remodeling, it might serve you better to have white as the dominant color or black.

Nero Marquina is not an ultra-expensive stone, although it is well loved by many. It’s possible to get the luxurious look of this stone without breaking the bank.

The Marble Rundown

Many people aren’t aware of marble’s versatility, and here at Marble Unlimited, that’s something that we want to change. This stone is the furthest thing from simple, and it has the ability to heighten the style, class, and elegance of any room.

To learn more about marble or schedule a consultation to find your perfect stone, give us a call at (919) 705-0888.

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Tiffani Mcclellan
a year ago
Marble Unlimited did a amazing job on my granite. They were fast, courteous and got the job done with no issues. The crew they sent out was clean and professional. Good job guys!
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Anissa Hager
6 months ago
So thankful for Jennifer and Marble Unlimited. They quickly saved my project when i failed to secure granite for a project we had at our home. From the first interaction, Jennifer was top notch and completely helped me quickly get the granite i needed. They really did it in less than a week. That service time from contact, to selection, to install is unheard of in today's market...yet Marble Unlimited did just that in 7 days. So very thankful for them. Prices were great as well. THANK YOU!!!
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Karen Pagani
5 months ago
Everyone at Marble Unlimited exceeded my expectations and I am so very happy with how our new quartz countertops for our kitchen and laundry room came out. Everything from picking out the stone from all the many slabs they had to choose from, to receiving quotes, to the attention to detail in the measuring, and to the final installation(installers were awesome) was above and beyond. I highly recommend Marble Unlimited.
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4 months ago
I am reviewing Marble Unlimited, which is in Hillsborough, NC. I chose a beautiful quartzite material from their stock, for our kitchen countertops, and I am completely delighted with the results. Our kitchen looks very sophisticated, and we get complements all the time. Thank you, Marble Unlimited for a job well done.
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George Entenman
10 months ago
There's nothing like looking at huge slices of granite and marble in their stockyard behind the showroom. No samples will ever give you such a good idea of what you are buying. Daniel and the men working with the countertops seem to have some aesthetic feeling and love for the product. They were willing to work with us to give us this not quite finished countertop and mountain-themed backsplash.
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