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Although your bathroom may not seem like the most frequented room in your home, it’s actually one of the most used and underappreciated. On average, most people will spend about a year and a half of their lives in the bathroom.
There’s no reason why your bathroom shouldn’t be as comfortable, stylish, and satisfying as any other room in your home. One component that contributes significantly to elevating a bathroom space is the material used for countertops.
Since bathrooms often have less countertop surface area than kitchens, the bathroom is a great place to indulge and install countertops that reflect your tastes. Here are some of the best materials to use as countertops in your bathroom.
Marble vs. granite flooring: a budget-conscious comparison.


Is there anything classier and more elegant than marble? While it lends a dignified and luxurious air to any space in which it is added, marble is a soft, naturally formed stone, so it often doesn’t hold up well under strenuous use.

However, if you can’t justify installing marble in your kitchen because of the risk of damage, the bathroom is a perfect place to satisfy your longing for some marble in your life. With the proper sealing and maintenance, marble countertops in the bathroom can be long lasting and durable.

Marble is porous, so standing water or abrasive contact with hard materials will stain and chip. But if properly looked after, marble in the bathroom will last and continue to bring that clean feeling of luxury whether you’re soaking in the bathtub or getting ready for your day.

Limestone, Soapstone, and Travertine

These stone materials are also naturally formed and, though beautiful, can come with similar performance concerns as marble. Used in the bathroom, however, these stone materials can lend a beautiful and delicate look.

Limestone offers a range of hues and is notable for its grayish and blue tones. In contrast, soapstone and travertine can offer darker and lighter stone textures, respectively, to your bathroom environment.

These three stones will need the same sort of upkeep as marble, but many will agree that the payoff is worth it!


Natural quartz is hard to beat when it comes to both functionality and visual interest. If your bathroom hosts a lot of traffic and sees a lot of use, then quartz countertops are a great way to invest in durable countertops without sacrificing quality or beauty.

One of the hardest natural stone materials for countertops, quartz is scratch resistant, stain resistant, and nonporous, making it a great choice for children’s bathrooms where water puddling on the countertop might be inevitable.

Beyond this, quartz offers a wide range of colors and styles that can rival marble in terms of patterns and elegance but without the same amount of upkeep required.


Imagine quartz but even better, and you have quartzite. It is older than quartz and even more durable; this stone is formed in the earth under intense pressure, making it incredibly strong and resistant to scratching, chipping, staining, and even scorching.

While this stone holds up incredibly well under the demands of everyday life, it’s also surprisingly beautiful. As all of the patterns and colors are naturally created, each slab is unique and can offer different types of veining and patterns unique to your chosen slab.


Granite is another great and practical choice for high-use areas such as a bathroom. Highly durable, this natural stone comes in multiple finishes, from shiny to matte, and is in great abundance in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Granite is easily found in smaller, more subtle patterns but can also come in veining patterns that mimic marble. As with other naturally formed stones, each slab is unique, and there is a pattern and style to fit every preference.


In addition to your choice of material for your bathroom countertop, you also have the option to include a unique edging. Edging changes the shape of the hard edges and corners of your countertop.

This extra detail adds a personal touch to your bathroom but can also help the countertops blend into the chosen design style and prevent bumps, knicks, and injuries. We’ve all run into the hard edge of a countertop at some point and wouldn’t want to do it again!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re dreaming of a luxe, veining marble or a rich, solid granite for your bathroom area, at Marble Unlimited, we can help you find the exact material and precise style to complete your space and make sure that you enjoy it for years to come. Contact us for a free estimate or to book an appointment today!

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