Breakdown of Your Countertop Installation

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Installing new countertops is an exciting project. New countertops can change the entire look of your bathroom or kitchen, and they can often be the critical element to your renovation plan. With that being said, it’s essential to be informed and prepared for what the countertop installation process involves.
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Choosing a Countertop Material

Before preparing for your countertop installation, you’ll have to make a final decision on the countertop material. When choosing a countertop material, it’s essential to consider various factors, such as style, durability, and maintenance. The team at Marble Unlimited can assist you in selecting the best countertop material for your project.


Granite is a popular choice for a reason. It’s durable, easy to clean, and comes in a variety of colors and textures. With its unique look, granite is often an excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom counters.


Marble is a classic countertop material that has been around for ages, but it does require a bit more maintenance than other materials. As a softer material, marble will naturally age over time and darken in color. This is a good option if you want a material that’s cool to the touch or if you are planning a kitchen countertop intended for activities like baking.


Quartz is a great modern look made from crushed quartz mixed with resin. It’s very durable and low-maintenance, comes in a variety of colors, and won’t stain. Though quartz can’t be custom designed, the predetermined styles are just as stunning as others.


If you want the classic look of marble with the durability of granite, quartzite is an optimal choice. With light colors and dark veining, this patterned material is much harder than marble and easier to clean and maintain.

Preparing for Installation

Marble Unlimited values keeping our customers involved throughout the process. In addition to walking customers through material selection, we give access to our stone preparation process by showing you the inventory yard where your countertop is prepared.

Installation Prep Tips

While we get the countertop ready, here are a few helpful tips for getting your home ready for installation.

Clear a Path

Make sure that the area from your entryway through to the installation site has been cleared. Since large slabs of stone will be carried in, it’s helpful to have any obstructions moved out of the way ahead of time.

In addition, it’s a good idea to clear out any items that are on the countertop ahead of time, such as small kitchen appliances or toiletries in the bathroom.

Protect Your Furniture

Installing countertops can create dust and other minor messes, so it can be a reasonable precaution to use sheets, blankets, or tarps to cover any valuable furniture you want to protect.

Keep Children and Pets Safe

Like with any construction project, safety is essential, especially for the more vulnerable members of our families. On the day of installation, arranging for any small children or family pets to be in other rooms or out of the house altogether is the best way to prevent accidents from happening.

Installing the Countertops

Marble Unlimited is committed to a simple, hassle-free installation process. Read on for some details on how the installation process usually goes.

Transporting the Countertops into the Home

After ensuring that the old countertops have been fully removed and that there is a clear and safe path from the entrance to the installation site, our team will carefully carry in the new pieces for the countertops.

If you are using a man-made material like quartz, the slabs will likely be in standardized sizes. For natural materials like marble and granite, our team will likely be bringing in pieces that aren’t entirely identical, which will then be pieced together to form your countertop.

Installing Countertops on the Counter

Once we’ve made sure that the new countertops have been cut properly to fit the counter, we will lay them on the counter. It’s important to check that the counters are level and make any necessary adjustments to the installation process to ensure that it will be a flat countertop surface.

The pieces will be fit together to form one continuous countertop, with only thin lines visible when the entire application process is done.

With the countertop installed, our team will finish up with whichever sealing process is appropriate based on the countertop material you have chosen.

Custom Installation

At Marble Unlimited, our custom installation services help homeowners revamp the look and feel of their home’s surfaces. We offer a select range of high-quality countertops that last for years to come. If you’re unsure about the type of material you need but have a concept in mind, give us a call.

Using the beauty of nature as a base, we infuse your rooms with natural elements that add life to your room. Our specialists ensure that your new countertop installation project meets your expectations and complements your space. Contact one of our specialists today to learn how we can help you customize your next remodeling project.

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