Why Marble Countertops are Great for Baking

Marble countertops are known for their unmatched aesthetic appeal and value. They are used in many modern homes as countertops, flooring, feature walls, in bathrooms, you name it. Their versatility, durability, and luxurious look make marble the preferred natural stone for many.

However, a lesser known quality of marble is that it is great for bakers. Whether you are a professional baker or someone who just loves to bake in their free time, you will find that marble makes the perfect countertop for all your baking endeavors.

Why a marble countertop is a baker’s dream countertop

The main reason that marble is every baker’s ideal choice for a countertop is that the natural stone has the ability to stay cool naturally. It more or less maintains a cool temperature consistently, which is about 62˚F. In other words, marble naturally maintains a temperature that is always below room temperature. This makes it perfect when you are handling the dough, pastries, chocolate, and even ice cream.

When you work on a marble countertop, you don’t have to worry about dough sticking to the surface. This comes in extra handy when you don’t want to use too much flour. So, the next time you want to roll out pie crusts or bake your friend a birthday cake, you can be confident that a marble countertop will make the job much easier.

In short, marble is the go-to countertop for those who love baking because it has a natural ability to maintain a cool temperature, thus keeping the dough cool. On top of this, it is non-porous when you have it properly sealed, it is resistant to bacteria and easy and simple to maintain.

Is marble durable?

Since marble looks so luxurious and beautiful, it may be easy to think that it is not strong enough. Beauty is often associated with fragility, but not in this case. Marble is a tough and strong natural stone that has been used for hundreds of years for various purposes. For instance, famous monuments and buildings that have been standing for centuries amidst exposure to rain, snow, sun, wind, high foot traffic, and so on are made from marble. Such buildings include the famous Taj Mahal in India and the Lincoln Memorial.

This means that marble is very resistant to scratching and cracking. On top of this, it is also heat resistant, making it ideal for a kitchen countertop. What more can a baker ask for?

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