Transitional Designs with Quartzite

Whether you are looking to combine a coastal look with a classic country kitchen or want a modern kitchen with a vintage look, quartzite can be the perfect choice of material.

What are transitional kitchen designs?

Transitional kitchen design styles are open to interpretation but typically blend the new and the old. Above all, transitional designs are style statements and reflect the personality of the homeowners. A recent National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) survey showed transitional designs have taken the top spot and have replaced traditional styles when it comes to home decor. The universal and intriguing appeal adds to the charm of transitional design styles while defying mundane trends.

Transitional design styles can range from elegant, classic, cozy, familiar, modern or eclectic all at once. The very term “transition” indicates that tradition transitions to or intersects with contemporary. Because what is currently modern can change with time, there is no fixed definition of transitional styles which continue to evolve. Using familiar elements of the past, transitional kitchens add fresh elements of the present that brings about a unique elegance.

Quartzite – The perfect material for transitioning

A highlight of transitional kitchens is the countertop that is made of natural stone such as quartzite. Quartzite is versatile enough to blend with any kitchen style while its durability earns it universal appreciation.

Quartzite is available in many interesting hues that fit in with transitional kitchen design. Ranging from whites to grays, there are also quaint red, pink, blue, orange, green, and yellow to play with.

The intriguing streaking caused by different degrees of pressure exerted by layers of rocks adds to the charm of quartzite. The natural stone also comes in wide-ranging finishes including honed, leathered, and polished, making it the ideal material for rustic kitchens as well as contemporary luxury bathrooms and kitchen spaces. The crystalline sparkle of quartzite helps transform tables, feature walls, kitchen countertops, and workstations into classy yet functional showpieces.

It is easy to create a stunning transitional kitchen with quartzite. You can opt for a white quartzite countertop and match it with antique glass backsplash to bring on visual drama in your kitchen. Or use a green quartz backsplash combined with a dramatic black countertop to create an interesting transitional look. You can enhance this by adding other rustic and contemporary elements including gold light fixtures, bronze knobs and handles, accent chairs, wooden cabinets, and vintage rugs. With quartz being highly durable and resistant, the possibilities of transforming your kitchen are endless.

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