Three Popular Kitchen Countertop Options

Three Popular Kitchen Countertop Options

A countertop plays a vital role in enhancing the appearance of your kitchen, apart from offering functionality. You will find a number of options when it comes to kitchen countertops – from natural stones to engineered ones. Before you decide on one, consider factors like durability, appearance, your kitchen decor, space available in the kitchen and your budget, of course. To make it simple for you, we are listing out some of the most popular countertops preferred by homeowners world-over.


Granite is among the favorites when it comes to kitchen countertops. Granite countertops are visually appealing, available in diverse range of colors, highly customization and long lasting. It may not come under cheaper kitchen countertops, but offers complete value for money.

Recommended for: Granite countertops are best-suited for those looking for a durable, beautiful option that is not heavy on pockets as well.


Soapstone is among the best options for kitchen countertops. The naturally occurring stone is resistant to both stains and heat, which are inevitable in a kitchen. Another interesting aspect of soapstone countertops is that their color gets darker with time, which makes them look much better with every passing year. The color options however, are limited in the category mostly varying between the shades of red, green and black.

Recommended for: Soapstone countertops are recommended for those who do not mind spending on a lifetime investment!


Quartz is among the costliest countertop options. The engineered stone is made up of 90 percent of quartz, while 10 percent of it could be epoxy binder or acrylic. These countertops are much harder than those made from naturally occurring stones. Man-made quartz countertops are known for their clear finish and premium look. The best part about these countertops is that they don’t need to be sealed.

Recommended for: Those looking to sell their property or those who are specific about the color or shape of their kitchen countertop and do not mind shelling out extra money for it.

Irrespective of the countertop you choose for your kitchen, you need to take care of it to ensure that it stays in a good shape for years to come. Avoid cleaning granite countertops with acidic or strong cleansers. It is advisable to use liquid soap and a mild scrub to clean your countertops thoroughly – it

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