Three Great Countertops for your Kitchen

Three Great Countertops for your Kitchen
Today, the choices for your kitchen countertops seem to be endless. There was a time when one was fortunate to get some faded laminate as a preparatory area beside the kitchen sink. But today things have drastically changed and for the better. You have an option to choose from hundreds of available patterns and colors in a variety of materials, from natural stone to stained concrete and quartz composites.
Here is a close look at the three popular countertop materials that can make your kitchen look great:
1. Granite
There was a time when Granite could be seen only in high-end and expensive kitchens. However, they are quite commonplace today. It is a popular countertop material made of natural stone. Granite is available in a variety of colors, ranging from brown to vibrant blues. They are also available in other colors like white, deep red and midnight black. Granite requires very few seams when cut into thick but long slabs. These counters can have a length of up to 10 ft and are usually available as one-piece. After it is cut and polished, an impregnating sealer is used to treat the granite for turning it into a countertop resistant to stains. The treatment typically would last for about 10 to 15 years. But you should use a stone cleaner for your everyday cleaning. Stay away from an abrasive cleanser by all means. Prices for granite have stabilized due to its widespread availability and popularity. But that does not make it very cheap. The exact price of granite would depend on factors like how complex the fabrication is or its color.
2. Limestone
Limestone is another natural stone that can take your breath away when used as countertops in your kitchens. If you visit a showroom of a stone fabricator, a sample limestone with innumerable fossils in it will definitely mesmerize you. A classic look can be created for your kitchen when a shade of limestone is blended in with the fossils. Your kitchen would be getting unmatched attention from all those who see a limestone countertop in your remodeled or new kitchen.

3. Marble
Whenever you think of classic beauty, you think of marble. Perhaps this is the finest feature of marble that makes it a preferred choice of many people for their kitchen countertops. Countertops made of marble will be your preferred choice if you are looking for something extra apart from its usual fabrication efforts. Marble can have a well-defined rectangular shape that every countertop may not have. Moreover, it is a softer material to work with compared to various other stone slabs that are usually used for making a counter.

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