Taking Granite Counter Tops Beyond the Kitchen

Taking Granite Counter Tops Beyond the Kitchen

The first thought that pops up when you think of granite countertops is the kitchen area. Granite countertops have been in use for generations. Granite is easy to clean, does not stain easily, can handle heat and is sturdy.

The amalgamation of the old and new has resulted in beautiful granite incorporated countertops for a kitchen with steel appliances and cabinets. The popularity of granite dipped a few years ago when the technology of sealing was still in its nascent stage. The regal stone can be incorporated into other areas in the house apart from its characteristic use as kitchen counter tops.

Granite table tops: If the kitchen countertop is a place that gets dirty throughout the day, the dining table is another are which needs constant cleaning. Spills while eating and serving are inevitable. Staining becomes another matter of concern when they can’t be rubbed off. Wood retains stain and is susceptible to damage from sunlight and moisture. Now imagine having granite as your table countertop. You needn’t put a runner on the table to hide stains or cover the table with a table cloth to prevent the table from getting dirty. The fancy, artistically cut granite slabs will be the source of envy among guests.

Granite sinks, bathroom counters and bath tubs: if you thought granite is high maintenance and easily stained you are wrong. The use of sealants reduces the extent of staining and damage by making the stone surface less porous. Granite sinks up the glam quotient of any living space. There is something clean and pure that white stony surfaces exude. Aren’t bathrooms a place of solace and decision making for most of us? With granite counters or sinks or both, whenever you walk in, a wave of calmness will engulf you. Granite bath tubs disappeared briefly when modern school of interior decoration gained popularity. Granite is irreplaceable and is slowly gaining its lost glory. Being a poor conductor of heat, the water remains warm or cold for longer in granite sinks and tubs than steel plated ones.

Granite counters in living room spaces: granite is a good choice for table tops to place the TV, home theater or music system. If there is worry over the electronics slipping off, rubber bushes will keep them in place. Easy to clean and stylish in looks, marble TV tops are in. The longevity is superior and with the availability of different customized cut and hues, the choices are endless

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