Sustainable Home Décor Ideas

A new year brings many resolutions in tow. What can be a better way to start the new beginning other than going green in your home décor ideas. Going green and having a sustainable lifestyle is not only the need of hour due to various environmental concerns but it is always a way of life. Today there are many ways to design your home aesthetically and at the same time make it more healthy and environment-friendly. Some very simple lifestyle changes can make a difference in how your house looks and what you use in the house, be in choosing natural and handmade items for decoration, or what paints you choose to repaint your home. One of the many motivations to choose a sustainable home décor lifestyle is it is also pocket-friendly compared to other means to furnish your house.

Here are some small yet interesting changes that can make your home more sustainable and elegant at the same time.

• Plastic-free home: this is the basic, yet the most important resolution once can have towards choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle. There are several alternatives to toxic plastic materials that are non-toxic and much more durable. Simple changes like opting for glass bottles and containers in the kitchen over plastic can make a lot of difference. Glass is also more aesthetically pleasing compared to plastic items.

• Plants: A house without natural plants is incomplete. Real living plants is an excellent option to decorate your living area, porticos, window walls, balcony. Indoor plants can pretty much be put anywhere in the house and they will not only add so much fresh air but also make the house look much more bright and welcoming.

• Do it Yourself: As cliched as it sounds, DIYs homes have a charm of their own. Upcycling old furniture and reusing some class old décor items can really add that extra charm to your sustainable lifestyle. DIY is also extremely therapeutic and creative so go ahead and bring in your artistic caps on to design your house.

• Be patient, one space at a time: Choosing a more green and minimalistic lifestyle should be seen as a more lifestyle change than just trying to do up the house and design in a hurry. Be patient, start small. If you are new to sustainable living, do your research, take baby steps and start one room or one area at a time. Going green is more than just a statement but should be a more personal and satisfying process.

Home is the best place to start changing your lifestyle choices. A sustainable home can be both beautiful as well as more healthy for your entire family.

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