Break those Home décor Rules, NOW!

A home needs to have its look and feel that complements the taste of the people who live in it. It is no wonder people take home decor so seriously. Often it is the case that plenty of homes look alike and similar to some extent. With these homes, one can see a particular pattern which the conventional designers have selected. However, with the changing times, many designs and designers have evolved with their home décor ideas, and even individuals pay close attention to ensure their homes look a tad different than the others.

When one starts to think outside the box, the difference in taste is not only visible in its visual appeal but also adds a different character to the homes. What many may call odd, or unusual home decor designs are often the brilliant judgements of the homemakers who do not shy away to bend the rules a bit.

So how do we bend some of the well laid out rules of home décor that often stops people from experimenting with ideas? Let us have a look at some of the rules that one should break to see their creative side emerge to visualize home décor themes and ideas.

Not everything has to match!

Keeping everything around the house from color schemes to furniture sets can often bear a simple feel to your house. The problem here is that many decorators often suggest these matching patterns, which over a while will make your home look drab. Be eclectic in your selection of everything from color schemes, furniture sets to the designs and patterns in each room. One thing is for sure, each corner of your house is going to radiate a different character and certainly will not make you feel your home as one identical space.

Unleash the unconventional side in you

People are often very particular, especially when it comes to furniture or decorating items in the house. Most often than not the conventional thinker rises high to make those decisions. If you wish to add a little bit of difference in the look and feel of your house, the unconventional thinker needs to step up. Look for weird designs, eccentric interiors, and items that may not be ideal to match those contents in your room.

A little bit of darkness won’t hurt

Home decorators back away from the prospect of keeping certain things dark in an otherwise bright room. Painting your room bright or light going colors is no crime, but adding a few dark elements to it isn’t either. One example would be to keep one particular wall, especially the one that gets most light a little bit dark. It not only changes the complexion of the room but also helps in balancing the overall light the place might get.

A Colored ceiling?

Now, this is the most common rule of home decor that almost everyone blindly follows. There are things like light supply or convention, but most places have a white ceiling. Is it absolutely necessary to have that color for your roof? Probably not! It’s your home, try out different colors, add some vividness to the whole place and move over the old-school rule of a white colored ceiling.

There is no specific rule to decorate your home and should not be. It does take some courage and a bit of quirkiness just to add that extra edge to your own home.

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