Saving Money on Granite Countertops: Tips for Staying on Budget

Saving Money on Granite Countertops: Tips for Staying on Budget

Granite has all the qualities that you could want in a high-end countertop. It is strong, durable, bacteria-resistant, and exquisitely beautiful. While this natural stone is cost-effective in the long-run – granite will outlast and outperform the other less expensive countertop options – it is an upfront investment. You know you want to upgrade with granite, but you also know you want to stay on budget. Find out how to save money on granite countertops to keep the overall cost of your project within your price range.

Consider Your Color Choice

When choosing the stone that you want to use, color matters. Some colors are more expensive due to higher demand. If everyone is looking for a gorgeous green or jade granite, then this may be the most pricey color choice. Also, some colors of granite, particularly black and red, are more difficult to source as it is simply difficult to find large quantities of the stone naturally. Colors of granite that have to be imported may be more expensive than those that don’t have to be sourced abroad.

Saving money on granite can be as simple as choosing the right color. Consider changing other design elements in your kitchen to fit the color of a more affordable granite countertop rather than forcing a more expensive stone choice into your existing design. Sometimes simply changing your paint color or staining your cabinets can be less expensive than choosing a pricier granite.

Shop Where You Have Options

Another way to save money is to keep your options open. Shop where you have variety. That way you can get the perfect granite for your project, and at the right price. With a large selection, if you choose a luxurious bluish stone with remarkable veining, but it would force you to stretch your project budget, you can simply request a similar, less costly option. Perhaps an option with less veining or a softer color will make all the difference. Shopping where you have a large number of options to choose from and a knowledgeable staff to guide you gives you a huge cost advantage.

Simplify Your Project

Lower the expenses of your project by choosing a simple straight polish edge. A simple edge profile looks elegant in both modern and traditional settings. It is also functional – complex edge profiles may require more cleaning as dust and dirt can accumulate more easily.

Find the Piece to Fit Your Project

How small is your project? Ask your granite supplier about using a smaller piece of granite that has been previously cut. This option won’t work for all projects, but depending on what you are looking for, it may be a way to greatly reduce the cost of your stone.

Learn the Story of Your Granite

You can save a lot of money and guarantee yourself a high-quality finished product if you investigate your granite. Are your countertops being made by a skilled artisan? Where is the granite being fabricated – in a fully-equipped facility or someone’s garage? Is your fabricator a direct importer or are you paying higher prices to a middle man? Does the company that you are using to install your countertops have workers compensation and liability insurance covered?

Visit the location where your granite countertops are being worked on if possible. Ask questions, learn about each step of the process. Request copies of any liability coverage. Make sure you are getting the value that you expect.

Consolidate Your Projects

Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, and maybe adding natural stone to other areas of your home in the future? If you intend on doing more than one project with granite, then have them all done at the same time. You can save money on trip charges!

There are plenty of ways to save money on granite countertops. Don’t let your budget get in the way of fulfilling the vision you have for your project. Be creative, explore your options, and choose the perfect granite for you and your budget!

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