How to Select a Granite Color to Match with Kitchen Cabinets?

How to Select a Granite Color to Match with Kitchen Cabinets?
Granite is available in a number of mottled shades, which could either look fantastic with your cabinets or can turn out to be a complete design flop. It is important you must coordinate not only these two materials, but also all the features and aspects of the kitchen as well. Since there can be endless color combinations, you should devote a little time to explore all granite options.
Coordination is the key
The steps which you have to do to coordinate your kitchen countertop with the cabinetry and other existing features of the kitchen will end up as an excellent investment. If you do not do this, there could  be a costly disaster waiting for you at the end of the decorating process.
Here is how you do it:
1.      Unscrew one small cabinet door and take it to your granite retailer. Bring a paint swatch of your kitchen wall-if you will do the paint later-or a photograph of the existing wall. Take a few pictures of the kitchen in its entirety, taking in fabrics and artwork too, if present.
2.      Go through the granite section. This can range from plain off whites to green, red and blue or even black coloration. Choose a color opposite to the color weight of the door. To give an example, if you have dark colored cupboards, seek out granite of lighter colors. If the walls are light colored, dark granite and dark cabinets give cohesion.
3.      Hold cabinet door and the paint swatch (or pictures) over the many stone hues. Seek a stone which complements the decor, flooring and paint color.
4.      Try to take a few samples of granite home. If the shop does not permit samples, request a few pamphlets containing your favored granite choices or take pictures using your camera.
5.      Cover the old countertops with white paper or white sheet to get a neutral backdrop.
6.      Put the pictures or samples of granite over covered counter tops. Analyze them under the natural lighting of the home or under standard electric lights during night time. The pictures may not impart a realistic look, but they will offer an excellent idea concerning contrast and color within space.
Take a look around your kitchen and compare all its features. Your aim is to see which sample is the best fit within the space. If necessary, change fabrics and repaint walls to match more expensive and permanent features like granite, flooring and cabinetry.

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