How to Go Green with your Countertops

How to Go Green with your Countertops
Green counter tops are recycled kitchen countertops with sustainable content, eco-friendly manufacturing process, low-toxicity binders, or a combination. Going green is quite the mantra today, but it is important to pick out something durable. That’s the soul of going green isn’t it, never having to replace the countertop again?
There are many options to choose from once you decided to go green. A few of the most commonly used raw materials are:
Butcher block: Composed of small blocks of wood, this is a great choice of reclaimed or recycled wood. Butcher block is sourced from reclaimed demolished buildings or even from shipping pallets. Great choice to keep the knives edgy, and all you have to do once wear and tear shows is sand the wood to recover the finish!
Recycled paper: Paperstone, a recycled countertop material is made from post recycled paper which is completely pigment, resin and petroleum free. Often compared to sandstone, Paperstone has a warm appearance. The only drawback being that heat resistance cut off is at 350 degrees so its best to maintain caution before you lay a hot pan onto it.
Ice stone: A product of recycled glass counter tops, Ice stone is an opaque mesh of glass articles set in pigmented cement. The material is porous so sealing s required every two years.
Bamboo: A rapidly renewable green resource, abundant naturally and harder than most hard woods, Bamboo is the prime choice as a renewable resource. Transportation is a pricy affair because most Bamboo comes from China. 
Resin: The recycled resin- based countertops are so highly imaginative with its bright colours, patterns and finishes, that it adds character to any living space. There are many companies that work on recycled resin to make the product PVC free.
Bio-glass: A 100 percent glass countertop manufactured from recycled glass with a characteristic translucent appearance. They aren’t knife friendly, keep a cutting board handy.
Stainless-steel: Yes you read it right, stainless steel it is! Stainless steel can be recycled over and over again offering top notch durability while maintain high kitchen standards. The only let down is keeping the surface smudge free is quite a challenge.
Concrete: Can’t get greener than concrete! It is an important building material, hard and durable. Look for locally cast concrete and low impact aggregates such as recycled glass or paper, and increased coal ash fly.

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