Here’s What’s Trending in Natural Stone Home Décor in 2019

2018 was full of surprises in the world of natural stone home décor, and 2019 isn’t far behind in surprises and excitement. Homeowners considering home improvements or new builds should keep these five fabulous natural stone trends in mind when tiling or building countertops.

Five natural stone trends set to take over this 2019

• Wood and marble turn partners to make sizzling kitchen countertops
Marble has always been championed in kitchens and bathrooms, where it is used both for the floors and countertops. But 2019 will see marble being coupled with premium hardwood to create a multi-textured look and feel for countertops and tiling.

Try having hardwood floors instead of marble tiles and set a monolithic marble countertop smack in the center. This will create a dramatic visual effect – pure white in a sea of brown.

• Cool shades of granite are making a comeback
Deep greens and melancholic blues take center stage this year as classic warm granite shades are replaced with cool and dark tones. Ubatuba from Brazil, Bala Flower and Arctic Green Pearl from India, and Abrangi from Iran are some excellent options to consider.

• Integrated designer kitchens and bathrooms come in style
If 2018 was about creating the perfect all-marble or all-quartzite countertops and floor tiles, 2019 is about integrating marble, quartzite, and other natural stone accessories to the final construction.

Customized tabletops, backsplashes, sinks, toppers, shelves, and cubby holes made from natural stones that are color-coordinated with your selection and which accentuate the tiling and countertops you already have will really elevate the look of your home.

• Quartzite set to become favorite cladding material
Europe has always had a culture of cladding rooms with hardwood or natural stone. This trend now moves across the world to other shores in 2019. Another exciting trend to anticipate is the use of quartzite as cladding slabs for rooms in homes. The hardiness and superior colors of quartzite make it an excellent candidate for cladding.

• Eco-friendly miners turn suppliers for homeowners
The global natural stone mining industry is slowly moving towards environmental sustainability. These days, the preference is to purchase from home décor retailers or stone yards who procure their materials from miners who are environmentally conscious and ethical in their practices.

2019 too will see a continuation of this trend, with greater emphasis for choosing slabbing and tiling partners who incorporate ethical and environmentally-friendly practices even when working on your countertops, walls, and floors.

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