Five Tips for a Sparkling Granite Countertop

Five Tips for a Sparkling Granite Countertop
When guests visit your home, they come with varying hazards. This is particularly true for your granite countertops in the kitchen. Moreover, when you work in kitchens, accidental spills and stubborn stains on your countertops are not something unheard of.
Do you want to make sure that your granite countertops are always sparkling? That may not be a difficult proposition if you have certain tips in your mind.
Here are five handy tips for a sparkling granite countertop in your kitchen:
Tip #1 Use a damp cloth for wiping it off
Whenever you are about to clean your countertop, you should make sure that you are using a damp cloth to wipe off the counters. You may use some warm soapy dishwater and a dishcloth to do that. Though you can use any type of cloth, microfiber cloths can be more effective as they usually leave fewer streaks.
Tip #2 Spray with furniture spray
If you are really serious about a shiny and sparkling granite countertop, use furniture spray to spray the counters lightly. You need to then wipe the countertops with a piece of clean cloth. You must ensure that the counters are wiped completely.
Tip #3 Do not chop food items directly
This is a complete no-no if you want that your granite countertop retains its original splendor even after months. You should never chop any type of food items directly on you granite countertops. Though there is no doubt that granite is a sturdy material for your countertop but it may chip if not handled with care. Moreover, any type of hard stone is not good for your kitchen knives. Why don’t you start using a cutting board for chopping so that your granite countertops do not get chipped and retain its shine?
Tip #4 Periodic polishing of your granite
If you get your granite countertop polished at regular intervals, you can have a sparkling countertop in your kitchen. There are several commercial polishers that are available in the market for polishing your granite countertop. Alternatively you can also make your home-made granite polisher using some dish soap that is pH-neutral. A soft sponge should be used to wipe off extra liquid as polishing can make your granite slick.
Tip #5 Take instant care of spills
If there is a spill on your granite countertop, you need to immediately take care of it. It is true that granite is a material that does not stain easily as compared to other natural stones, yet stains may occur. You should blot instead of trying to wipe it off so that you can stop the spill from spreading further.

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