Do Up Your Kitchen with Granite – Your Unending Options

Do Up Your Kitchen with Granite – Your Unending Options
The mysticism and durability of granite has made it a popular choice for varied applications in both residential and domestic buildings. The availability of varied finishes and colors ensures that your kitchen and bathroom countertops are different from your neighbor’s and display your unique style and taste.
Granite is mined in quarries around the world and the stone from each area has its own unique color, texture and durability along with shiny flecks of minerals that exist in the earth’s crust. Different shades of natural granite are mined ranging from black, brown, green and yellow with bold veins of minerals or without any imperfections. Granite is regarded as one of the most durable and versatile natural stones that can withstand scratches and stains. It can also be maintained easily.
Naturally granite is available in different designs and colors and can be used for kitchen and bathroom depending on your taste and budget. It is also available in a over thousand colors that you can chose in an array of grains and finishes that you can select based on the color theme you have in mind. Here are details of a few choices available in granite that you can check in the granite slab yards in your neighborhood to pick the one you like.
Bullnose Granite for raised panel cabinets – Though there are several colors and designs to choose from granite color charts, the best choice would be bullnose granite with solid colors to match raised panel cabinets in your kitchen.
Square and Beveled Granite for Shaker cabinets – Beveled granite slabs with polished or flamed finish are good for shaker cabinets as they enhance the beauty of the kitchen. The stone is durable so you do not have to worry about stains and burn marks ruining your countertop every time you enter your kitchen. 
Granite with light creamy bases and flecks of gold, gray beige and ivory – This shade is referred to as Colonial cream and has sandy appearance like a river shore with light colored sand and stones. It looks stunning when paired with dark walnut cabinets or crisp white with antiquated matt finish. The shades on the white background sometimes blend together to giving a dark vein.
Mystery of glossy black granite – The allure of flawless black marble with no veins and flecks in different finishes will lend a unique finish to your kitchen. When paired with white cabinets or light colors like yellow, red and orange the black granitecreates a stunning look.

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