Common Granite Countertop Issues

Granite countertops aren’t exactly an inexpensive investment. They do cost a fair bit. But the prices are justified once you start considering the benefits. Granite is a high quality, durable material that’ll last you years.
However, it is a natural material and does possess a few vulnerabilities. So, your expectations need to be realistic. What that means, you might have to pay some attention and provide some care if you want your granite countertop to last long.
Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the common granite countertop issues you’re bound to come across and what you can do about them.
Damage to the Granite Surface
Your granite surface can easily get damaged if you’re reckless or careless. You’ve probably been told that corrosive materials are bad for your granite countertop. However, it’s just not corrosive materials that are a problem.
Even heat can damage your countertop over a period of time. So, avoid placing hot pots, baking pans, hot plates etc. over the granite surface directly. Always place a layer in between, such as a cloth or coasters.
Also, avoid placing material that can cause scratches, such as cast iron or sharp objects. However, if a scratch does show up, we suggest you get in touch with Marble Unlimited for help. We can fix up those scratches for you.
However, prevention is still better than cure. So, if your granite countertop is in great shape, keep it that way. Follow the instructions given above.
Keeping Granite Countertops Clean
Another common problem you’re likely to face is keeping your granite countertop clean. Now, these countertops are made to handle the stresses of daily kitchen operations. Needless to say, we would expect them to handle things perfectly.
However, as we stated earlier, our expectations should be realistic. Granite is a fantastic material and superior to a lot of other materials. But care is still necessary. What that means is we need to keep our granite countertops clean and we need to follow the proper instructions when doing so.
For starters, you need to clean those spills ASAP. Time is of the essence. If you let them sit for long, they’ll penetrate the surface and stain it. After that, you’ll have to call in the professionals at Marble Unlimited, which is fine, but prevention is always better than cure.
Also, use mile detergents and cleaning agents. Avoid corrosive agents like the plague

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