Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Are you planning to remodel your small bathroom? Not to worry, there are plenty of ways in which a small bathroom can look bigger and be just as functional as an otherwise bigger one.

Some simple tips can really help you remodel your bathroom without an affordable budget.

Pedestal Sink: Don’t go for a traditional vanity. Floating pedestal sinks are great ideas for small bathroom. A pedestal sink works in two ways— it makes the bathroom look for spacious and also gives you storage space that is often very necessary.

Customized Shower: Getting your shower size personally customized can save up to two inches of spaces in a small bathroom. Slope showers and other custom made showers can often handy and still keep the look of the bathroom intact.

Compact Commode: There are different kinds of commode available in the market. For a small bathroom, ideally, go for the one where the tank can be hidden inside the wall itself. This can allow up to 6 to 9 inches of spaces in the bathroom.

Add hooks for towels: Instead of going for a typical tower bar on the wall, use some quirky or fancy hooks for hanging the towels.

Color and lighting: A very basic yet an extremely useful way in which you can make your bathroom look roomy. The right kind of lighting, fixtures and tiles color can add an illusion of more space to an otherwise small bathroom. So choose those colors and lights carefully!

Who is using the bathroom? : This is perhaps the most important aspect to keep in mind while remodeling a small bathroom. Is it mainly for you in the master bedroom or is it children’s bathroom or a guest bathroom? Once you know the users of the bathroom, it can be customized accordingly. After all, there are different requirements that you may need to keep in mind based on the everyday user. For example, children often need a bathtub instead of a shower.

The key is to use the space well and make the small bathroom as much functional as a bigger one. So go ahead and remodel your bathroom if you want to without worrying about the size.

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