5 Reasons You Need to Choose Quartzite for Your Counters Today

Are your kitchen counters in need of change, or are you in the midst of home development and are considering various materials for your countertops?

Natural stone is an unbelievably amazing option for tiling and countertops. Easy to maintain and beautiful to look at, they make perfect embellishments to homes. Of all the natural stone materials available, nothing beats the wonder that is quartzite.

If you’re about to make a countertop purchase, consider quartzite for the following benefits it offers:

• It’s as strong as granite
We all know granite is strong. In fact, this strength is one of the reasons why granite is preferred for kitchen countertops. But did you know that quartzite is just as strong as granite?

According to the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, quartzite scores a 7/10, beating granite, which scores a 6.5/10, making it a very hard mineral.

• It’s classier than marble and comes at a fraction of the cost
Keep a slab of marble and a slab of quartzite side-by-side, and we guarantee you won’t be able to tell the difference. Quartzite looks very beautiful and classy, looking as superior as marble does.

If you’re trying to recreate a marble countertop look at home, but can’t afford the expensive stone, why not consider quartzite instead? White Macaubas and White Dallas are two good options to consider.

• It doesn’t chip and etches like other stones
We already know that quartzite is hard and this strength keeps this beautiful stone safe from cracks. Quartzite is also flexible, compared to marble, and that’s why it won’t chip or etch when temperatures force it to expand or contract.

Now you don’t have to worry about being gentle when using your new quartzite countertop.

• It comes in various natural pigments, with no synthetic colorants
Quartzite’s natural colors usually come in shades of white and gray. But you also find some stones which come in shades of pink, yellow, purple, brown, green, red, and blue. Depending on where you source it from, your quartzite can have a single shade or come in multi-colored shades, based on the natural chemicals that make-up its composition.

• It’s super-easy to maintain
Finally, quartzite, unlike other natural stones, is very easy to care for. A thin layer of sealant once every few years can seal-up the pores and keep the stone safe from moisture. It’s natural strength and hardness also make it easy to care for. Replacements will also be few and far between.

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