Top Four Granite Countertop Colors for 2019

From the days when the kitchen was just a place for preparing meals and washing dirty dishes, we have come a long way. The humble kitchen has assumed a much different role and is the focal point of a home. It’s the place where the family gathers and bonds with the décor being a reflection of the home’s warmth and beauty. In 2019, smart kitchens, modern appliances, and unique designs are all set to take center stage. The accent is also on simple and clean styles that let in plenty of natural light while seamlessly blending with the surroundings.

While kitchen design trends have continued to evolve over the years, granite has continued to be a top favorite element for countertops. Granite, known for its durability and natural beauty, takes the top spot when it comes to kitchen countertops. Granite is the perfect surface that can match with any kind of appliances and cabinetry given the extensive hues available. Here are some of the top granite countertop colors that are sure to grab headlines in 2019:

The royal whites: Although pure white granite does not exist in nature, there are white granite countertops that are laced with black, gray, blue or red flecks. White countertops provide a striking contrast when paired with bright red hues of cabinets, tiles or appliances. Extensive options in white laced with other hues include Delicatus White, Alps White, Alaska White, Colonial White, Mystic Spring, White Ice, and Moon White among others.

Black is beautiful: Black is always in vogue and will continue to retain its classy appeal in 2019. A black granite countertop can give a stunning makeover to the kitchen while adding a distinct personality of its own. There are many shades of black granite that can fit the bill ranging from Absolute Black, Ubatuba to Black Galaxy. Absolute black is the purest black granite that adds a touch of class while accentuating the other hues in the kitchen.

Brown is earthy: Earth colors of brown and coffee brown will emerge as the hot favorites in 2019, thanks to the ongoing focus on natural look and feel. Coffee brown is a great option that can be paired with any other neutral colors while adding depth to the kitchen design.

Bold is back: With exotic kitchens being the trend, kitchen countertops may well see the dominance of bold new colors of green, blue, and red. The exotic hues are perfect for those who wish to create an eye-catching focal point in the kitchen.

The beauty of granite is that because it is a natural stone, the unique colors, striations, specks, and patterns cannot be duplicated. Every granite slab is unique which means you can create a ‘one of its kind’ kitchen countertop at your home.

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