Tips on How to Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen Sink

Tips on How to Clean Your Bathroom and Kitchen Sink
The sinks in your bathroom and kitchen are prone to harbor dirt and bacteria of all kinds. You may think that they are pretty clean considering that water runs on them every single day. However, simply running water is not enough to combat the dirt that collects over time. It is crucial that you sanitize and deep clean your sink every once in a while.
Here are some tips to help you thoroughly clean both your bathroom and kitchen sink and rid them of dirt and germs:
• Scrub using a cleaning spray or liquid
One way to make clean your sink is by scrubbing it hard. Scrub away all the dirt, the stains, deposits of food and soap, water spots and rust. You can use either a multi-purpose cleaning spray or make your own scrubbing liquid. All you have to do is mix your dishwashing liquid with warm water and this will help you get off all the dirt. Another option is to mix baking soda with salt. This will help remove anything.
• Remove limescale using lemon
Limescale on your sink and tap can be difficult to remove. However, with this simple method, you can say goodbye to dense limescales and say hello to sparkling sinks. The best part is that you don’t have to the cleaning part yourself! Just cut a lemon in half and scrub it over the surface of the sink and the tap, letting the acidic juice squeeze out. Leave it on and rinse after two hours and you’ve got yourself a shiny sink.
• Use toothbrush to clean gaps and ridges
The small gaps and ridges of your sink, especially around the spout of the tap, can be difficult to reach while cleaning. There’s a simple solution to this – toothbrushes. Instead of throwing away your old toothbrushes, use them to clean such areas of the sink. You’ll be surprised at how well it cleans.
• Use paper towels and bleach to bring back the shine in your porcelain sink
If you have a porcelain sink, you may wonder how you can bring back the shiny, sparkly look of your sink. All you have to do is cover the surface of the sink with paper towels and cover it in bleach. Leave this on for about half an hour, then remove the paper towels. You can rinse the sink and get rid of the bleach simply by running the water and your porcelain sink will look completely new. However, make sure you don’t use this method for colored porcelain.

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