Tips for Avoiding Mold in Your Bathroom

Your bathroom should be a place of peace and relaxation, a place where you can be alone and contemplate all you want. However, one common enemy can stop you from doing exactly this – mold. Mold growth is usually found in dam, wet places, which makes the bathroom one of the most likely targets.
It is crucial that you keep your bathroom free of mold so that you can have a clean and hygienic space. Besides, mold growth can cause severe damage to your walls, floors, vanities and ceilings. Here are a few practical and effective tips to prevent mold growth in your bathroom:
• Wipe all surfaces regularly with a clean cloth
Make sure that all bathroom surfaces such as walls, shower glass, vanities and countertops, shower and tub surrounds, etc. are cleaned regularly. Wipe them with a clean, dry cloth at least once every week. If you have glass shower, remember to squeegee the moisture from it after every shower.
• Wash your towels, rugs and shower curtains regularly
Items in your bathroom such as towels, rugs and shower curtains should be washed regularly as they retain moisture longer than the other bathroom surfaces. This makes them the ideal spot for mold growth. Wash these every week if possible to have a safe and clean bathroom free of mold.
• Keep the fan running when you’re showering
You should keep the fan running while you shower or bathe, and about half an hour after you get out. This helps to dry your bathroom faster and get rid of any lingering moisture that could lead to mold growth. The mold could cause damage to your ceilings and walls otherwise. If you have windows in your bathroom, make sure to leave them open too.
• Make sure all your leaks are fixed
From time to time, make sure that you check if there are any leaks in your bathroom. Leaky faucets, pipes, and other fixtures can contribute to the dampness of your bathroom, creating the ideal breeding ground for mold. Don’t wait till it’s too late to get leaks fixed.
• Don’t forget to seal your grout lines
If you have tiles in your bathroom, it is crucial that you seal the grout lines once every year so as to prevent mold growth in between the tiles. You can even do it yourself by using a standard grout sealer.
These simple tips can help prevent mold growth in your bathroom which, if untreated, can cause wheezing, coughing, itchy skin and eyes, not to mention that it’s unhygienic.

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