Six Ways to Use Granite

As a naturally occurring stone, granite has multiple uses. The diversity of this stone is the primary reason why granite finds widespread use in homes, offices, and historical monuments.

Granite has been in use for thousands of years as dimension stone, construction material, decorative, and architectural stone. The natural stone has also been used in bridges, paving and in multiple exterior projects. As an elegant and prestigious material, granite is ideal for a range of interior projects.

What is “Granite”?

A geologist defines granite as feldspar and quartz bearing coarse-grained igneous rock made up of crystals entirely. In commercial dimension stone trade, the term granite is used to denote any feldspar-bearing rock that has interlocking crystals large enough to be visible to the naked eye. Rocks such as gneiss, gabbro, anorthosite, monzonite, granodiorite, syenite, among others, closely resemble the crystalline structure of granite.

Multiple uses of granite

Granite tiles: Tiles of granite are used in wall panels and flooring to bring about a high-luster, elegant exterior.

Kitchen countertops: The most popular use of granite relates to kitchen countertops. The possibilities are endless when it comes to color, pattern, design, and combinations when granite is used as countertop material. The demand for granite countertops is increasing because the stone can be custom-cut to desired shape and size while it is available in plenty of pleasing colors and designs that match any interior décor.

Backsplash: Granite is an integral part of a beautiful workstation in kitchens. In addition to being used on countertops, granite can enhance the entire kitchen when used as a backsplash material.

Paving stones: Granite “pavers” or paving stones make an interesting and colorful alternative for paving patios or driveways. When the innate natural stone’s beauty is combined with excellent craftsmanship, the patio or driveway is transformed to create a stunning look and feel. Granite blocks in the past were also used to pave streets in cities.

Construction projects: Granite acts as a structural element apart from used for veneer or decorative facing to give an attractive and pleasing appearance. Granite also finds use in street curbing which makes the curbs more durable as compared to concrete while enhancing curb appeal.

Crushed granite is used as base material in highway and road construction. The stone also finds use as a base material in construction slabs, foundations and in sewage system drains. Crushed granite is a beautiful way to spruce up planter walls and in landscaping.

Grave memorial: Granite is often used in the U.S. and many other countries as a grave marker. Being durable and attractive, the material is chosen because of its permanence.

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