Looking at Demand for Granite Tops

A Look at the Mounting Demand for Granite Countertops
A great deal of time is often spent on choosing the right material for kitchen countertops. More often than not, granite turns out to be everyone’s premium choice. American imports of granite have increased about tenfold in the past twenty years.
Reasons for the incredible craze for granite countertops
Over the years, global granite has become more easily shippable. As a result, it became more affordable for builders and consumers. Because granite tops intended for countertops could be precut on site and then safely packed and shipped, it became possible for people to get granite from foreign countries. Granite slabs arriving at a shop are cut into appropriate size and are hand-shaved by someone who operates an industrial grinder.
The attributes that make granite the ideal material for countertops are its color palette and near diamond-hard surface. Granite resists heat, scratches and stains. It provides protection against mold and mildew. When it comes to an almost endless variety of different patterns of veins, specks and swirls, virtually no other material can match granite. Granite can accommodate many styles of sinks.
Styles and trends
Granite can be found in almost any color including white, black, blue, red and gold. Granite countertops come in three basic patterns: solid, marbled and speckled. Solid-looking granites have little variation in pattern. One look is maintained overall. Consequently, this feature makes it a good option for small kitchens where crowded surfaces might make a room appear small.
Nowadays, granite countertops offer beautiful grays with hints of gold, copper and pearl. A clean, open look is created as a result. White is another popular color, when the homeowner wants the area to look bright. Designers and homeowners who wish to be creative prefer curved counters and surfaces. The most desirable feature of a countertop is its ability to make the area feel larger. Curved countertops can serve that purpose to a tee.
There is a plethora of choices at the disposal of a homeowner when it comes to edge detail. Bevels, coves, dupont, bullnose, chiseled and waterfalls are some of them. The edge detail contributes heavily to the overall look and feel of the room. Perhaps the only blot that a granite countertop has is the fact that it may absorb stains if not installed properly. And also, they require resealing once a year.

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