Four Reasons Why Green Peacock Granite Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

Four Reasons Why Green Peacock Granite Is Perfect For Your Kitchen
Popularly referred to as Verde or Peacock Green, this emerald granite originated in Brazil. “Verde” in Portuguese language means “green color”. If you observe such a granite countertop in your kitchen from afar, you will notice that dark green shade is the most dominant color in the stone. On the other hand if you observe it from close quarters, you will find a wide variation of green color. It creates an interesting pattern giving a unique look to your kitchen.
Here is a list of some of the top reasons which make Green Peacock granite apt for your kitchen.
Visual appeal
A Green Peacock granite countertop has a stunning appearance whenever sun shines on it. Your kitchen countertop will truly look gorgeous in the daytime. In bright light conditions caused either by bright indoor lighting or sunny mornings, you can marvel at a much brighter tone of green that is prevalent on the entire stone. So such a granite countertop will enhance the appeal and glamor of your kitchens.
Heat resistant
Resistance to heat is an excellent attribute of all granite materials and Green Peacock Granite has it too. However, you should still apply caution while handling hot plates and trivets. However, the quality of granite varies just as its appearance does. So ensure that you are selecting a reputed fabricator or stone yard so that such issues can be avoided in your kitchens. It is also recommended that you avoid using a cutting board on the countertop to prevent the granite from getting scratched in the kitchen.
Green Peacock Granite comes in lovely neutral earthy shades that can coordinate well with any type of color scheme in your kitchen. It looks good with both light-colored and dark shaded  stainless steel appliances and cabinets. The versatility of the granite makes it a preferred choice in the kitchens It is also reasonably priced when compared to other variations of granite that make it’s a perennial favorite for renovation or construction of kitchens.
Low maintenance
Green Peacock Granite needs little maintenance. You do not have to bother about it getting  etched or stained despite watermarks, dust or finger smudges that are quite natural due to everyday use. A Green Peacock Granite will not need any sealant most of the times. You can clean the material easily with a non-abrasive cleaner. You can apply any stone cleaning product for cleaning everyday messes.

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