All You Need to Know about Greek Marble

All You Need to Know about Greek Marble
Whenever Greece is discussed, the first thoughts that come into the mind of people are elegant marble columns and rich tapestry of frescoes. Whether you are using elegant white marble for your countertop or considering sandy blue for the backsplash area, Greek marble adds glory and class to every kitchen. Even in the early days when marble was being considered for use in homes, it was regarded as the ideal material for kitchen countertops and in bathrooms.
Quality and composition of marble
Natural marble is a metamorphic rock that morphs from limestone under extreme heat and pressure deep within the earth. It also contains calcite or dolomite along with limestone, which gives it different colors and tones. Though marble deposits exist all over Greece, the largest and best quality deposits are found in Drama-Kvala-Thassos region. It is also referred to as the Carrara region, which has large deposits of special white and off-white marble.
The Thassos white marble of Greece, which is regarded as the whitest marble in the world is so pristine that is appears as snow. The next grade of white Grecian marble is the Skyros Gold, which is white with a little golden tinge. French Vanilla is another popular shade of Greek marble, which is not as white as Thassos and contains tinges of light gray and beige.
Why Greek marble is popular
The marble industry of Greek is the most profitable of all production centers in the country and is exported around the world for its quality and durability. The long and deep roots of this industry exist in the nation’s historical monuments and antique statues. According to geologist the marble deposits present in the mines in Greece is practically inexhaustible and nearly 120 types of marbles in a wide variety of hues ranging from pure white to white with grey and orange tinges. Besides white marble, the quarries of Greece also yield high grade marble in shades like gray, beige, red, green and black along with onyx stone of high quality. Though in recent years the exports of marble from Greece has reduced a little due to depression in construction activities around the world, but it still remains one of the most popular kinds of marbles demanded all over the globe.

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