Stone Tiles

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Stone Tiles

Tiles can be placed almost anywhere in your home today! Gone are the days when tiles were restricted to the bathroom or kitchen space. Now, tiles are part of the exterior design of homes as well as other rooms (stores, basements and so on). At Marble Unlimited, you will discover an endless variety of beautiful stone tiles to choose from. You will find tile that is not only functionally sound but also aesthetically appealing.

What to Expect at Our Store

Marble Unlimited understands ‘stones’ like no one else. This means we supply stone products – granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, quartz, travertine – direct from the quarry. For example, our Mediterranean Ivory and Crema Galala are sourced from our sister company in Romania. These materials can be finished into marble tiles, stone pavers, and more.

Beyond supplying the best quality tiles, Marble Unlimited also guides you through the entire process of selection and installation of tiles, if needed. Whether it is bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, adding pavers to the pool deck or driveway, or doing a marble tile backsplash project, you don’t have to worry about designing or installing the tiles whatsoever!

Choosing Your Stone Tile

At Marble Unlimited, we obviously pride ourselves on our stock of marble stone tiles, sourced from the leading manufacturers in the country. Marble has been used by architects and interior design artists for years when designing homes and other buildings. This is because marble lends an elegant and timeless appeal to your home. At Marble Unlimited, you have plenty of options and styles to pick from. We are sure that you will appreciate the uniqueness and versatility of this natural stone.
For refined sophistication, install marble tiles in your kitchen backsplash, kitchen floor, shower walls, floors, or the entire house. Not only is this choice of tile elegant in appearance, but it is also very easy to clean and functionally practical.
At Marble Unlimited, we highly recommend white Carrara marble, as it offers an appearance of unmatched luxury and elegance to your home. White Carrara is often a preferred choice in tile due to its pleasing grayish-white tone. Another popular color is Crema Marfil for its warm cream tones.
At Marble Unlimited, we house the best quality of marble tiles for our customers. Traditionally, marble tile was used for making European structures and sculptures, but it ultimately became popular all over the world. Modern homeowners love white Carrara, Crema Marfil, and other marble tiles because of their durability and beautiful colors.
So if your bathroom or kitchen needs remodeling or you are simply bored of seeing the same old flooring in your home, visit Marble Unlimited to get started with your marble tile selection and installation process. The installation process typically takes a few days and may vary depending on the project complexity. The expert staff at Marble Unlimited will also prepare you for the marble tile installation in your home, and you can continue with your routine activities without any major disturbance from us.
If you are looking to remodel your home and need some expert advice in choosing tiles, get in touch with our professionals at Marble Unlimited today.

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