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white calacatta quartzite

If you want to revamp your kitchen, your counters are the best place to start. Natural stone counters are beautiful, durable, elegant, and exciting; they’re the perfect choice for nearly any kitchen design. While granite and quartz are old standbys, quartzite is actually the best choice for countertops. Here are a few reasons why:


Quartzite countertops are durable and long-lasting. Both granite and quartzite are beautiful, natural stones, but quartzite is denser and far less porous. A less porous material won’t absorb liquid as easily, which means it’s less likely to stain the next time you make juice or cook something with beets in it.

Because they’re so durable, quartzite countertops require little-to-no sealants and need to be polished far less often. The dense material is also more resilient to scratching, so you can relax as you prepare your next culinary masterpiece.


Quartzite countertops are easier to maintain than counters made from granite, quartz, or marble. This makes the material a perfect choice for an active kitchen atmosphere.

Because quartzite is less porous, you can cook with colorful fruits and vegetables without worrying about an immediate stain. And since the material is dense, you don’t need to worry about scratches from a dropped dish or a wayward knife. You can also increase the lifespan of your quartzite counters by applying a sealant regularly and cleaning with the right materials.


One of the reasons quartzite is so popular is that it looks like marble. Quartzite has shimmering veins and unique patterns that vary with each piece of stone. This material comes in alluring shades of white, gray, tan, black, and even pink or blue.

However, unlike marble, quartzite countertops are actually relatively inexpensive. Quartzite is also easier to take care of than marble. Quartzite countertops are a great choice when you want an elegant look without a high level of maintenance or a premium price tag.


Quartzite is a surprisingly affordable material, especially considering its benefits and appearance. Expect to pay slightly more than you would for a granite countertop and far less than you would for a piece of real marble.

Since the demand for quartzite is increasing, this natural stone is becoming more readily available. The prices of these countertops are likely to remain stable or even decrease as long as the supply is able to keep up with the kitchen design industry.

Quartzite is an affordable and durable material that looks great in nearly any design. If you’re thinking of adding natural stone countertops to your kitchen, you definitely need to give quartzite a try.


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