Four Reason to Choose Natural Stone Over Cultured Stone for your Kitchen

Four Reason to Choose Natural Stone Over Cultured Stone for your Kitchen
The prime focus of home makers has shifted towards making the best sustainable choices while undertaking a house remodeling. Eco-friendly materials leave behind a substantially lesser carbon footprint. Most of these products are manufactured from recycled and reclaimed sources. Three important natural stones used as kitchen counter tops are Granite, Quartz and Marble.
Granite is quarried as a single slab from the depths of the Earth. The Counter is all natural stone, cut out as individual slabs. Quartz countertop is a mixture of crushed quartz and resin in the ratio of 93% to 7%. They are available in different patterns depending on the manufacturing.  Marble has been used for construction, kitchen countertops and flooring since time immemorial.
The market is flooded with comparisons of different natural stones for kitchen tops, natural v/s laminate etc. With this article, an attempt to convince the perks of natural stone, giving four important reasons, is tried.
Reason # 1: Durability and maintenance
Being natural, these stones are endowed with strength. They crack only on very high impact. They range from non-porous to slightly porous, making sealing unnecessary, or executed once during the time of installation. They are stain resistant as long as the spillage is wiped off immediately.
Reason #2: They add natural warmth to the home
Natural counter tops add instant warmth to the kitchen. You walk and are enveloped in their warmth and natural goodness. They provide a sense of homeliness keeping the indoors cosy, comfortable and warm.
Reason #3: Aesthetics
Designer kitchens opt for high end natural stone slabs in a way to provide superior aesthetics as well as unmatched durability keeping the feel of an earthy environment.  The glamor quotient of the kitchen is instantly increased.  Matching certain types of wood to these stones or slabs completes the look and feel as a whole. Except granite, Quartz and Marble stones are available in a wide range of hue sections and grain density allowing you to play around with your interiors by incorporating different styles. There have been certain houses that have been designed around the style of the kitchen!
Reason #4: Cost effectiveness
Contrary to the popular myth of the high price of designer kitchens, these are more cost effective in the long run. Natural stones last forever as long as you treat then with tender care. They don’t chip, crack or fade away with time.  They are a one- time investment!
Go ahead with your kitchen remodeling, be smart and make it last!

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